Bernar Venet at Meijer Gardens

Bernar Venet at Meijer Gardens

October 30, 2012 October 31, 2015

Demonstrating his iconic work in steel, five of Bernar Venet’s large-scale sculptures installed outdoors is open to guests until October 2015.


“Meijer Gardens is honored to have been selected to host this special exhibition of works by the contemporary French master, Bernar Venet,” said Joseph Becherer, Vice President and Chief Curator of Horticulture and Sculpture. "His works, celebrated for their bold linearity and powerful sense of grace and composition, are celebrated around the globe.” 

For more than five decades, improvisation has helped shape Venet’s art forms. Beginning with photography and mediums such as coal and tar, Venet began using steel after becoming interested in logic and mathematics. When creating his monumental steel sculptures, Venet didn’t use preparatory drawings, he used intuition to shape each curve of steel to create visually captivating forms.

Venet’s sculptures have been shown all over the world and are included in many of the most prestigious public and private collections in Europe, America and Asia, including Two Indeterminate Lines, which is a part of Meijer Gardens’ permanent collection in the Sculpture Park.

“The steel sculptures of Bernar Venet grace public plazas and beautiful gardens around the world – including Meijer Gardens,” said David Hooker, President & CEO. “We are very grateful to the Bernar Venet Foundation and the Galerie Scheffel for the opportunity to present five extraordinary pieces for the next year.” 

Each steel sculpture, ranging in size from eight to 13 feet in height, will be installed on the front lawn, adjacent to the Leslie E. Tassell English Perennial and Bulb Garden.