Children’s Garden Summer Activities

June 10 August 25, 2018
various days and times
Event times:
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There is always something new to explore and amazing to discover in the Lena Meijer Children’s Garden! Whether it’s engaging with story times, investigating Discovery Cart materials, exploring self-guided activities, or joining in with one of the guest performances, the Lena Meijer Children’s Garden is the place to be—all summer long. Check at the Information Center for what’s happening daily. 

Mondays - 11 am 
Discover music and movement by being a part of a moving, musical jam! Play an instrument, clap your hands, tap your toes, or bend and stretch. Follow along with local music and movement artists as we move to the music!

Tuesdays - 11 am
Imaginations are welcome at Summer Story Time! Navigate puppets through imaginary landscapes, jump like frogs onto pretend lily pads, or chant and cheer for your favorite story characters. Join us for a variety of sensational stories all summer long.

Tuesdays - 6:30 pm 
Discover the out-of-doors with an artist’s eye! Join local artists in the vibrant atmosphere of the Children’s Garden for engaging, informal art experiences. Get creative with everyday materials such as paper, crayons, and clay.

Wednesdays - 11 am 
Take a closer look at the variety of spectacular colors found in nature every Wednesday in the Children's Garden. Then enjoy an interactive story time and “fingers-on” spinning and weaving activity with a professional fiber specialist.

Thursdays - 11 am
Explore the Children’s Garden through interactive walks each Thursday. Classic storybook characters will “come to life” as we examine living sculptures called topiaries! These guided walks will highlight the topiaries and storybook characters including ladybugs, bunnies, frogs, turtles and more.   

Fridays - 11 am
Did you know a group of worms is called a “squirm” and that a group of ladybugs is called a "loveliness?" Come join us every Friday and learn more about the wonderful world of red-wiggler composting worms and how the diets of ladybugs are beneficial! Learn how each of these animals are garden helpers with hands-on activities and stories. 

Sundays - 2 pm 
Investigate Michigan animals every Sunday as you explore fascinating facts about reptiles, amphibians, mammals and more! Learn from a guest naturalist what makes each animal unique, ways of simple identification and the importance of their conservation by participating in family-friendly activities.

Location: Lena Meijer Children's Garden
Fee: Free with admission