Children’s Groups

Children’s Groups

Families with infants to preschool-aged kids

Early childhood education is a vital part of our overall education line-up and we recognize the significance of a variety of stimulating experiences for a child’s brain growth and development. Equally important, these programs are fun for children and parents alike.

Programs - Children’s Groups

A pre-literacy program incorporating letters, sounds, flashcard words, farm chores and lots of fun.

Price: $5 per student, $3.50 per teacher

A program comparing past, present and future using farm chores and old-fashioned games.

Price: $5 per student, $3.50 per teacher

The Lena Meijer Children’s Garden presents imaginative, child-friendly activities to help families navigate ten areas of the Children’s Garden. Cards provide suggestions for three age/difficulty levels. 

Download Activity Cards

A kid-friendly guided tour for preschool groups in the fall, explores the textures, patterns and scents of leaves. Great practice for counting, sorting, measuring and color identification. 

Download packet HERE

The Kids Tram is offered seasonally. Please check the Events Calendar page for dates and times.

In this program students will learn how food starts at a farm, and ends up on their plates. They will explore what plants need to grow by planting a seed and harvesting a vegetable. They will discover the variety of food grown on a farm and the work involved by trying fun farm chores. They will also learn about parts of a plant and why eating a variety of food is important by tasting a root, stem, leaf and flower.

Good summer program.

Price: $5 per student, $3.50 per teacher


Interested in any of these programs? Please contact the Outdoor Education Manager at (616) 974-5224 or the Indoor Education Manager at (616) 974-5239.