Photography at Meijer Gardens

Photography at Meijer Gardens

Our grounds and facilities are popular locations for photography.

Because we want each guest experience to be memorable, photography (which encompasses film and digital, still or motion imagery) may be taken in public areas for personal use only. Photography for social events or commercial use requires special permission, application and location fees. The purpose of this policy is to enhance the guest experience, offer limited access for commercial photographers, and protect the copyright laws and intellectual property rights of our artists and designers.

Photo Guidelines

  • Guests may take photos of public areas during normal business hours for personal use according to the photography policy. 
  • Portraiture photography (i.e. senior pictures, engagement / bridal / wedding, family portraits, etc...) is not permitted without prior approval. Please contact Facility Rental (or call 616-975-3146) to schedule a photo shoot—fees apply and our Photography Agreement must be signed.
  • Guests may share or repost images through social media, email or personal web pages.
  • All photography must be conducted without disruption to Meijer Gardens' operations or limiting accessibility of exhibitions, stairwells, entrances/exits and high traffic areas. Photographers are asked to comply with our rules of etiquette.
  • Non-flash photography is now allowed in the galleries and temporary exhibitions. Due to the sensitivity of drawings, photographs and prints, and out of respect of artists' copyright laws, photography may not be allowed in some temporary exhibitions. If or when photography is prohibited, there will be ample signage in the galleries stating this policy change. We reserve the right to monitor and restrict equipment use during special exhibitions (such as Butterflies Are Blooming and Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around The World exhibitions, and others).
  • We reserve the right to refuse permission or terminate a shoot at any time if it is not in the best interest of guests, donors, artists represented in our collection, or if it conflicts with Meijer Gardens’ mission.
  • You may not make high-resolution images of our facilities, grounds, or permanent collections available for any commercial purpose without a signed agreement and, if applicable, written permission from the artist’s estate or foundation. Fees are determined on a case by case basis.
  • You may not state or imply any endorsement of or by Meijer Gardens for any purpose—personal or otherwise—without written permission from Meijer Gardens.
  • All media professionals must contact John VanderHaagen in Public Relations to arrange photo shoots (or call 616-975-3155).
  • Professional photography, including commercial and social events, is permitted by appointment only. Please contact John VanderHaagen in Public Relations (or call 616-975-3155) to schedule a photo shoot—fees apply and our Photography Agreement must be signed.

Download Photo Permission Request Form.