Advanced Composting*

  • 10:00 PM7:00 PM

    Past Event

This advanced composting class is for those interested in learning about other applications for compost and a more in-depth approach to the soil science behind composting. Learn about bokashi—an anaerobic method of fermenting your food scraps to create soil embedment—amongst other complex vermicomposting and fermentation methods used to feed the soil and aid your plants. Take home a bokashi setup to get started! Attend the first class with Luis and Chandler, Composting for Beginners, November 10, 5–7 pm, for more basic information on composting and to create your own compost bin to take home.

*Applies toward Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener education credit.

  • Instructor: Luis Chen and Chandler Michalsky, Wormies Vermicompost
  • Cost: Members $75 | Non-Members $85