Basics of Beekeeping

  • 2:30 PM12:00 PM

    Past Event

In this introductory class, learn the basics of what it takes to be a beekeeper. Whether you’re curious about getting started or you’re one to two years into the journey, discover more about how to care for your bees. During this lecture, participants will learn how to set up a beehive, where to source materials and what to buy, mistakes and lessons learned along the way, and much more. This is a great opportunity to see if beekeeping is right for you or learn more to become a better beekeeper. Attend Don’s first class, The Amazing Honeybee, on July 27 for more in-depth details on the honeybee’s life.

  • Instructor: Don Snoeyink, Thornapple Woodlands LLC
  • Cost: Members $30 | Non-Members $40
2 beekeepers working on a hive