Composting for Beginners

  • 6:00 PM3:00 PM

Join Wormies Vermicompost as they share everything you need to know to begin composting at home. After setting the stage with composting basics and why composting is important, they’ll highlight what are considered acceptable scraps, how to maintain your compost, when and how to harvest your compost, and how to best use it.

NOTE: Not included in the cost of this class are the additional materials below. If you’re interested in purchasing these items from Wormies Vermicompost, please contact Luis Chen BEFORE the class using the contact information below. Luis will work with you directly on orders and payments for these supplemental materials. For more details on Wormies Vermicompost and their products, go to

  • 1/2 lb. worms Starter Culture, $35
  • Rubbermaid bin for composting with worms, $30
  • Compost Tea bag, $5
  • Finished compost for gardening, 1-gallon at $15 or 5-gallons at $35

Luis Chen: 616-322-1677,

  • Instructor: Luis Chen and Chandler Michalsky, Wormies Vermicompost
  • Cost: Members $25 | Non-Members $35
Pile of food discards