Botanical Illustration with Watercolors

  • 9:00 PM7:30 PM


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Two-session class: Wednesdays, June 14 AND June 21, 5pm - 7:30pm

Learn the art of dry brush methods and how to apply color in a precise way, with botanicals as the subject matter in this two-session class. Boonstra, who is currently completing her diploma in botanical illustration from the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh in Scotland, will cover brush handling techniques, color mixing and lighting a subject for keen observation. Then she will teach you how to apply these new skills to a finished botanical watercolor illustration of your own. The class will have the unique opportunity to access our conservatories after public hours to observe plants from real life. Some drawing experience required.

  • Instructor: Marlene Boonstra
  • Cost: Members $75 | Non-Members $85