Meijer Gardens Michigan All-State Bonsai Show | May 14

  • 3:00 PM5:00 PM

    Past Event

Meijer Gardens presents Michigan’s largest bonsai show. Join bonsai artists, aficionados, and admirers from across the Midwest to see stunning bonsai on display throughout the Loeschner Grand Atrium and Huizenga Grand Room. Visit the sales area for a great selection of specialty tools, pots, wire and bonsai trees. Have experts help you find the tree that fits your taste, experience level and growing environment. Be sure to attend free demonstrations offered throughout the weekend. Bonsai artists—including this year’s nationally and internationally renowned guest artist Jennifer Price—will demonstrate pruning, wiring, and other styling techniques. Price has worked with artists such as Jim Doyle, Mauro Stemberger, and Will Baddeley, and currently studies with Ryan Neil. Her apprenticeship continues to this day with mentor Walter Pall. She has taught workshops and given demonstrations throughout the United States and worldwide. When asked to describe her bonsai philosophy, she shared, “Bonsai is first and foremost a way for me to express the grace and power of nature with its beauty, quiet elegance, and harshness. Creating a bonsai forms a connection to a living entity, which you cannot truly control, but can listen to and learn from.” Price will teach two workshops during the show.

Additional workshops, designed for all skill levels, are available throughout the weekend.

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  • Fee Information: Included with admission
  • Location: The Loeschner Grand Atrium and Huizenga Grand Room
Green Bonsai plant in raised wooden planter