Permaculture for Beginners*

  • 3:00 PM12:00 PM

    Past Event

Learn about the buzz word “permaculture” in this beginner class from local farmers at Honeybird Farms, where they farm in nature’s image. Discover methodologies practiced by instructor Jonathan Sowder and his family, including successional and companion planting, composting, using rainwater catchment, and incorporating animals. Learn how to apply tried-and-true permaculture practices at any scale—whether in a small urban garden or a larger producing plot. Discover why mimicking the natural environment is important to keep nutrients in the soil and be better stewards to the environment, while producing healthy food for ourselves and our families.

*Applies toward Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener education credit.

  • Instructor: Jonathan Sowder, Honeybird Farms
  • Cost: Members $25 | Non-Members $35