Sculpture Today: New Forces, New Forms

September 21, 2011 through December 31, 2011

World renowned for its collections and exhibition program of Modern and Contemporary sculpture, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park hosted its premier invitational exhibition of work by emerging sculptors. Selected from across the United States and around the world, artists working three-dimensionally and through installations, were included in this first annual event. Artists were chosen from across the contemporary scene anticipating a wide array of conceptual and formal approaches in the ever-evolving definition of sculpture today. Included were works by: Andrews, Mari (Emeryville, CA), Brogger, Mary (Chicago, IL), Cabrera, Margarita (El Paso, TX), Cohan-Lange, Suzanne with Sherri Antonini and Niki Nolan (Chicago, IL), Collins, Austin (Notre Dame, IN), Cooper, Barbara (Chicago, IL), Fair, Tory (Boston, MA), Freeman, Dana (Grand Rapids, MI), Godfrey, DeWitt (Earlville, NY), Goodman, Neil (Chicago, IL), KaiserSmith, Yvette (Chicago, IL), Knapp, Stephen (Worcester, MA), Lee, Jae Won (East Lansing, MI), Lindley, Sarah and Norwood Viviano (Plainwell, MI), Little, Willie (Nevada City, CA), Mitchell, Dennis Lee (Evanston, IL), Ove, Zak (London and Trinidad), Paschakarnis, Vanessa (West Dublin, Nova Scotia, Canada), Pederson, Ben (Madison, WI), Peinado, Bruno (Douarnenez, France), Peterson, Ara (Providence, RI), Peterson, Mimi (Chicago, IL), Shore, Phillip (Irving, TX), Slivinski, Lucy (Chicago, IL), Tucker, Eric (Whiting, IN).