'Shimpaku' Juniper Workshop

  • 2:00 PM1:00 PM

    Past Event

Experience how ‘Shimpaku’ junipers make wonderful bonsai. In this workshop, participants who have some prior bonsai experience will explore the potential for trees that have been developed to be bonsai in the future. Wiring, styling and future development will be discussed. The trees will not be repotted during this workshop, though Mark will discuss how to determine when it is appropriate to repot a bonsai. Junipers in nursery pots will be provided. Bring your own tools and copper wire.

Intermediate - Limited to 10 participants

Includes admission to the Meijer Gardens Michigan All-State Bonsai Show, Saturday, May 14

  • Instructor: Mark Fields
  • Cost: Members $75 | Non-Members $85