Explore All There is to See and Do

Explore All There is to See and Do

Whether it's activities for the kids, gardens to smell or sculptures to see, create an experience at Meijer Gardens before setting foot on its grounds. Find a favorite highlight of Meijer Gardens and press the heart button to save a list of things to see while here.

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Marshall Fredericks. _Baboon with Chimpanzee_

Marshall Fredericks

Baboon with Chimpanzee

Bob Guelich. _Autumn Breeze_

Bob Guelich

Autumn Breeze

Shirley Thomson-Smith. _Beautiful Garden_

Shirley Thomson-Smith

Beautiful Garden

Garden Trail Collection

Works on loan or in storage

George Segal


Mary Zimmerman

Green Pastures

André Harvey

Chloe and Lucinda

André Harvey. _Places in the Sun_

André Harvey

Places in the Sun

André Harvey. _First Light_

André Harvey

First Light

Sharon Sommers. _The Architect_

Sharon Sommers

The Architect

Shelley Curtiss

Le Loup Solitaire

Mary Zimmerman


Mary Zimmerman

Sir Pig

Gary Price. _Flower Girls_

Gary Price

Flower Girls

Gary Price


Carl Jensen

Lena Riding a Pig

Carl Jensen

Lena Milking a Cow

Carl Jensen. _Dave Marlin_

Carl Jensen

Dave Marlin

Carl Jensen. _Mac_

Carl Jensen


Carl Jensen


Tom Hillis

Pine Stumps

André Harvey. _Fred and Bertha_

André Harvey

Fred and Bertha

André Harvey


Shelley Curtiss


Mary Zimmerman. _Toads_

Mary Zimmerman


Curtis Zabel

The Escape

Gary Price

Swans’ Flight

Joseph Kinkel

Fred and Lena Meijer

Stuart Padnos


Stuart Padnos. _Daisies_

Stuart Padnos


Bessie Potter Vonnoh

Water Lilies

Marshall Fredericks

Baboon with Sleeping Child

Gary Price


Michele Oka Doner


André Harvey. _The Relic_

André Harvey

The Relic

Shelley Curtiss. _Me Hy Yip Yip_

Shelley Curtiss

Me Hy Yip Yip

Tuck Langland

Masai Mother

Mary Zimmerman. _Bunny and Cabbage_

Mary Zimmerman

Bunny and Cabbage

Henri Laurens. _Night_

Henri Laurens


Henri Laurens


Wolfgang Kubach & Anna Maria Kubach-Wilmsen. _Book-Tower_,

Wolfgang Kubach Anna Maria Kubach-Wilmsen


Bill and Mary Buchen. _Telephone Tubes_

Bill and Mary Buchen

Telephone Tubes

Marshall Fredericks

Night and Day

Marshall Fredericks

Baboon with Sitting Friend

Kevin Robb


Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse

Autumn Lovers

Anthony Caro

Table Piece CCV

Dietrich Klinge

Stele Garuge

Oliviero Rainaldi

The Tribute

Mayda Jensen. _Director_

Mayda Jensen


Leonard Streckfus

Family of Wolves

Stuart Padnos

Multi-Colored Rings

Dan Ostermiller


Marshall Fredericks

Ugly Duckling

Marshall Fredericks. _Two Bears_

Marshall Fredericks

Two Bears

Marshall Fredericks

The Boy and the Bear

Marshall Fredericks

Flying Swan

Marshall Fredericks


Marshall Fredericks

Friendly Dragon

Bill and Mary Buchen

Wind Gamelans

Bill and Mary Buchen

Table Drum

Bill & Mary Buchen

Talking Drums

Mark di Suvero

Ben Webster

Tony Cragg

Bent of Mind

Bill Woodrow

Listening to History

Sophie Ryder


David Nash

King and Queen

Alexander Liberman


Dietrich Klinge

Grosser Trefree

Laura Ford

Espaliered Girl

Barry Flanagan


Chakaia Booker

Urban Excursion

Chakaia Booker


Jenny Holzer

For the Garden

Masayuki Koorida


Keith Haring


Elisabeth Frink - Mirage I and II

Elisabeth Frink

Mirage I and II

Hanneke Beaumont

Number 26 and Number 25

Michele Oka Doner


Michele Oka Doner

Beneath the Leafy Crown

Tony Smith. _For J.W._

Tony Smith

For J.W.

Juggler by Marino Marini

Marino Marini


Germaine Richier

The Grain

Ossip Zadkine

Standing Woman

Lynn Chadwick

Beast XVI

Magdalena Abakanowicz

Figure on a Trunk

Mimmo Paladino


Ai Weiwei

Iron Tree

Alexander Liberman


Igor Mitoraj. _Light of the Moon_

Igor Mitoraj

Light of the Moon

Antony Gormley. _One and Other_

Antony Gormley

One and Other

Summer Dance by Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth

Summer Dance

Aristide Maillol. Torso of Summer

Aristide Maillol

Torso of Summer

Kenneth Snelson. _B-Tree II_

Kenneth Snelson

B-Tree II

I, you, she or he... by Jaume Plensa.

Jaume Plensa

I, you, she or he…

Henry Moore. _Bronze Form_

Henry Moore

Bronze Form

Woman and Bird, Joan Miró

Joan Miró

Woman and Bird

Grand Rapids Arch by Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Grand Rapids Arch

Jim Dine. _The Thunder_

Jim Dine

The Thunder

Scarlatti by Mark di Suvero

Mark di Suvero


Lena's Garden by Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly

Lena’s Garden

Emma Sail by Anthony Caro.

Anthony Caro

Emma Sail

David Nash

Sabre Larch Hill

Hagar by Jacques Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz


Cabin Creek by Deborah Butterfield

Deborah Butterfield

Cabin Creek

Mad Mom by Tom Otterness

Tom Otterness

Mad Mom

Deborah Butterfield. _Small Dry Fork Horse_

Deborah Butterfield

Small Dry Fork Horse

Woman in Arm Chair by George Segal

George Segal

Woman in Arm Chair

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin

The Kiss

Tom Hillis. _Five Meerkats_

Tom Hillis

Five Meerkats

Warts and All by Peter Randall-Page

Peter Randall-Page

Warts and All

Leaping Gazelle Fountain sculpture at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Marshall Fredericks

Leaping Gazelle Fountain

Animal sculptures in the Arid Garden

Irvin Burkee

Trotting Javelina

Spider by Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois


Plantoir by Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen

Claes Oldenburg


Kiki Smith. _Sleepwalker_

Kiki Smith


Galileo’s Wedge by Beverly Pepper

Beverly Pepper

Galileo’s Wedge

Male/Female by Jonathan Borofsky

Jonathan Borofsky


Eve by Auguste Rodin in Winter

Auguste Rodin


Neuron by Roxy Paine

Roxy Paine


Lying Man by Sean Henry

Sean Henry

Lying Man

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