Bent of Mind

Since he first garnered critical acclaim in the 1980s, British sculptor Tony Cragg has been devoted to both the exploration of form and materials, yet maintained committed to a conceptual framework for his art. Bent of Mind is among the most outstanding works of his broad repertoire. Like a totem, it explores the contours of the stacked human face; yet far from static, these segments are described as if in motion. Because the work is three dimensional and the sense of a vortex is so profound, profiles come in and out of focus as the viewer approaches and walks around the sculpture. Endlessly engaging, it has become among the most celebrated pieces in the permanent collection.

Tony Cragg. Bent of Mind, 2005. Bronze, 186 x 112 x 108 inches. Gift of Fred and Lena Meijer. © Copyright, 2005, Tony Cragg.