Dappled Silver Ikebana with Trio of Gilded Pink Stems

Ikebana is the Japanese art form of flower arranging. This Ikebana-inspired work features three gilded pink flowers in a vase. Dale Chihuly is known for making sculptures out of glass, and his series of Ikebana sculptures is no exception. The artist has had a long standing interest in Japan and appreciation of Japanese culture. Organic forms, specifically floral forms, have long held a strong position within Chihuly’s repertoire. Often such elements are utilized in monumental compositions, but there is a quiet and focus in examples such as this.

Dale Chihuly. _Dappled Silver Ikebana with Trio of Gilded Pink Stems_, 2009. Glass, 64 x 39 x 26 inches. Gift of Dale Chihuly in Honor of Fred and Lena Meijer. © 2009 Dale Chihuly.