Three Hens and a Chick and Charmin' Charlie

Diane D. Mason studied ethology (animal behavior) at Purdue University before turning to sculpture in the early 1990s. It is important to her that her work expresses her deep respect and appreciation for the subject. Three Hens and a Chick is situated along with another sculpture by Mason, the rooster Charmin’ Charlie. Mason’s interest in art developed when, as a child, she would try to capture the shapes, textures, and movements of her pet chickens and ducks with pencil or paints. She endeavors to have a high degree of anatomical accuracy in her sculptures, along with an aesthetically pleasing composition. Charmin’ Charlie is a rooster and is situated in conversation with another piece by Mason, Three Hens and a Chick.

Diane D. Mason. _Three Hens and A Chick_ and _Charmin' Charlie_, 2002. Bronze, 12.5 x variable inches. Gift of Fred & Lena Meijer. © Diane Mason.