Field Trip Policies and Procedures

Field Trip Policies and Procedures


Registration Requirements: A minimum of two-weeks’ notice is required for all registrations. (We do not process registrations on weekends.)

Group Arrival Time: In order to ensure physical distancing and provide a positive experience, we reserve the right to limit the number of groups arriving at one time. Please read your confirmation email carefully for arrival instructions as our arrival procedures have changed.

Rain Date: Any group over 30 should schedule a rain date as we cannot accommodate large groups inside the building in the event of inclement weather. 

Teachers: One teacher per classroom with a valid school ID receives free admission. Additional teachers with a school ID will be admitted at the reduced rate of $4 each.

Chaperone Ratios: Chaperone payments must be included with the group’s payment. To ensure groups of 10 or fewer are gathering at one time, groups must provide a minimum of one chaperone per every nine students. Chaperone admission is charged according to the following ratios:

Groups arriving by car 
(any age)

 1:4 ratio 1 chaperone for every 4 children is $4
age groups
 1:4 ratio 1 chaperone for every 4 children is $4
Groups arriving by bus  1:6 ratio 1 chaperone for every 6 children is $4

**Additional adults (beyond the ratio) for any group are welcome to attend and will be charged $10 each.

Child Admission: Child admission and additional experience costs are charged as follows:

Child Admission for Guided Tours and Classroom Activities: 

Number of Children Admission Cost Guided Tour Classroom Activity
Fewer than 10 children  $40 group minimum  + $1 per child  + $1 per child
10 children or more $4 per child  + $1 per child  + $1 per child

Child Admission for School Programs: 

Number of Children Admission Cost School Program
Fewer than 20 children  $80 group minimum  + $2 per child
20 children or more  $4 per child  + $2 per child

Social Distancing Requirements:  

  • Groups must provide at least one chaperone for every nine students. 
  • When indoors, chaperones must coordinate with one another to ensure that no groups larger than 10 are congregating. Group leaders should consider creating a rotation schedule for their chaperones. 
  • If a group has more than 100 participants, they may not gather in the same place, even outdoors (for example, in the Meijer Shedleski Picnic Pavilion or The American Horse plaza). 
  • All Meijer Gardens rules related to COVID-19 must be followed. 

Area Closures: Some areas may be temporarily closed. Some of the interactives in the Lena Meijer Children’s Garden may not be available. You can view areas that are currently closed to the public here.  

Confirmation: groups arriving without a confirmation email will be considered unscheduled and will be charged the General Admission rate.

Deposits: A $50 deposit is required for all guided tours, 90-minute programs, classroom activities, room rental and/or tram program groups. Deposits are required two weeks after the date of confirmation.

Delays: Though we will make every effort to accommodate late arrivals, groups arriving more than 15 minutes after their scheduled activity time cannot be guaranteed participation in their scheduled activity. Please call 616-977-7683 or 616-974-5239 if a delay is expected. 


  • If a group cancels their trip 3 business days or more prior to their scheduled field trip, they may apply their deposit to a rescheduled field trip date within the same school year. The rescheduled date must be a minimum of two weeks from the date of cancellation.  
  • If a group cancels their field trip due to COVID-19 restrictions or closures and is unable to reschedule, their deposit will be refunded.  
  • Groups cancelling with less than 3 business days notice will forfeit their deposit. 
  • All deposits are non-refundable unless due to COVID-19 closures or restrictions or severe weather conditions as defined by school closures. 

Non-School Groups: 


  • One organizer is considered the lead teacher. All other adults are considered chaperones (within ratio).


  • No minimum number of group participants. 
  • Up to two scout leaders per group; one is free, the other is considered a chaperone at the reduced $4 group admission rate. 
  • All other adults will be charged the $10 Additional Adult rate.  


  • One organizer is considered the lead teacher, all other adults are considered chaperones (within the ratio). 


  • One organizer is considered the lead teacher, all other adults are considered chaperones (within the ratio). 

Memberships: In order to encourage chaperone attendance, adults with memberships to Meijer Gardens may use them when accompanying students on a field trip. However, field trips are not a member benefit and cannot be used for students.