Covenant Learning Center

Covenant Learning Center

Using nature and art to inspire students.

Since our beginning, education has been a hallmark of our mission — reaching more than 89,000 guests annually. Guests to the 20,000 square-foot, LEED-certified Covenant Learning Center have views into classrooms through glass walls, revealing the activities within and connecting to the outdoor environment—which also serves as an educational learning space. 

Features of the Covenant Learning Center:

  • Covenant Learning Center Welcome Lobby  
    The Welcome Lobby is the point of entry for the interactive education area, classrooms and administrative offices. The lobby displays program offerings and allows credentialed access to classroom areas. There is also space for stroller parking and student drop-off and pick-up.
  • Two Expansive Classrooms 
    Two 1,600-square-foot classrooms are well-suited for large lecture gatherings, as well as classes requiring plenty of space for students to work on larger projects. A full-height movable partition includes magnetic whiteboard surfaces for writing and displaying content.
  • Four Large Classrooms 
    Four 1,075-square-foot classrooms support our general education needs, including integrated technology, access to outdoor learning, and full-height movable partitions. This space allows school group classes to eat lunch indoors when necessary.
  • Interactive Education Area 
    Coming soon, interactive learning will be accessed directly from the Welcome Lobby through paired, full-glass doors. Daylight and views will energize this space and the lobby, connecting guests to outdoor environments. This area will provide great flexibility of usage, adaptable to large classroom groups.
  • Outdoor Learning Area
    All classrooms are designed to have access to outdoor learning, with five of the six having direct access from within the classroom. The outdoor learning area is located east of the building and includes seating areas for students, teaching areas for instructors, and partial shade/cover from the elements.
  • Staff Offices and Support Spaces
    The Covenant Learning Center includes administrative office space and storage areas, in addition to in-classroom storage, which accomodates items and content consistently accessed during classroom events.

Tour the Covenant Learning Center in this interactive walk-through, courtesy of Real Space.