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The American Horse
…to creativity, The American Horse was created by famed animaliere, or animal sculptor, Nina Akamu. The work was inspired, in part, by a work created by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci for the Duke of Milan in the late 15th century. The project was championed by Fred Meijer in the…

Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse
Although it is easy to assume that this scale model served as the maquette, or model, for the 8 and 24 foot versions of Nina Akamu's equine masterpiece, it was actually created at the end of the project as a tangible work for the visually impaired. In actuality, the artist…

‘The American Horse’ featured on CNN
CLICK HERE to watch a segment that aired on CNN in 1999, featuring artist Nina Akamu and her process of creating The American Horse.

The American Horse Dedicated
October 1999: The American Horse by Nina Akamu is dedicated.

The American Horse Unveiling
CLICK TO WATCH as Nina Akamu's The American Horse was unveiled in 1999. A large crowd gathered on a chilly morning when the 24-foot tall sculpture was unveiled to great fanfare. This is one of two casts made, the other is in Milan, Italy.

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Essence: The Horses of Deborah Butterfield
…inspired by a specific horse Butterfield has known, the works are not portraits in the traditional sense, but representations of the essence of that creature. For Butterfield, it is not merely the physical presence of such noble creatures she hopes to convey, but their spirit and energy as well. This…

Rules at Meijer Gardens

America (SOLD OUT)

Stuart and Barbara Padnos Rooftop Sculpture Garden
This completely new garden experience results from the blending of horticulture and sculpture and includes four long-term sculpture loans from the Smithsonian’s Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.